Relationship coaching that heals and builds

The word ‘relationship’ covers so much – our love lives, how we interact and co-exist with our children, and the role our parents may have played in our lives. Because these relationships are often at the centre of our existence, and are parcelled up in experience and emotion, it can be hard to talk about issues that may not feel right, or may have caused upset.

But talking to a relationship coach can really help. It’s a way to bring your feelings out into the open, without worrying about causing an argument. Alternatively, relationship counselling creates a safe space where you and your partner can freely discuss the issues that are troubling you.

Perhaps you’re in a relationship that has lost its spark and you’d like to bring it back to life. Maybe you have recently come out of a relationship and want to move on and build a new world for yourself. Relationship coaching gives you the opportunity to define and work towards future goals.

I can support you as an individual or a couple in improving your present relationship or getting out of a rut. Relationship coaching is also helpful if you’re going through peri- or menopause when so many things seem to change all at once – perhaps you’re also experiencing a loss of desire, or your children have left home.

I can support you in finding clarity in your relationship, and work through forgiveness issues that may arise following a divorce or break-up, or when you are faced with the aftermath of an affair.

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In person or online relationship coaching in Naphill and across Buckinghamshire

I’m a relationship counsellor, accredited transformative life coach and accredited positive psychology coach. I have always been interested in relationships and how they work – I’m curious about human behaviour and why we do what we do. I’ve worked for management psychologists and also spent time as a counsellor for Relate. Using this experience, I’ve grown my skills so I now focus on coaching, which gives a wider range of support than pure counselling. I use my breadth of skills to apply coaching, counselling or both as they are needed during our time together. 

I’ll work with you in the way that suits you. That might be online via Zoom/WhatsApp, or, if you’re local to me in Naphill, High Wycombe, Princes Risborough, Downley, Hazlemere, Hughenden Valley, Lacey Green, Walters Ash or West Wycombe, visit me in-person in my office. Relationship coaching with me is only £120 per one-hour session, or £570 for a package of six hour-long sessions.

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