What my clients say

Using thoughtful questions, Clare was able to help me see what was holding me back very quickly and easily. During our conversations, I was able to have quite a few ‘Aha’ moments that have enabled me to start focusing on working through my problems almost immediately

(Mike M)

Clare created a really useful and open environment that has provided a lot in the form of reflection, guidance and tools to help us work better together for the future and all in such a short space of time.

(Wanted to remain anonymous)

Clare offered a supportive space in which I was able to explore my concerns and worries about my changing work identity. She gently challenged my thinking whilst giving me space to work through my thoughts and arrive at a way forward that I felt comfortable and confident with. I would absolutely recommend Clare, she has a very warm and supportive approach and creates a great environment in which to explore.

(Wendy G)

My experience of working with Clare has enabled me to self-assess my behaviour and attitude and how I deal with certain situations. Very pleased we came.

(Wanted to remain anonymous)

My coaching sessions with Clare always left me feeling supported and uplifted. Some of the times I was in a good place and felt really good answering Clare’s pertinent questions with clarity and confidence. Other weeks, when I was less solid, I was delighted to be reminded of my goals and why these were important to me. Over the course of the sessions we had together I found Clare to be a brilliant combination of cheerleader and the curator of excellently placed (and at times challenging) questions. The coaching was always spot on and delivered with grace, compassion and wisdom. Clare has a multitude of strings to her metaphorical bow and all these aspects complement each other wonderfully through her coaching. Clare is incredibly well read and draws appropriately from her own experiences when required in order for us to gain clarity together. I always felt very at ease talking to Clare and she bookmarked her sessions in such a way that boundaries were very clear and the space she held for me always felt safe. I would not hesitate to recommend Clare as a coach to anyone.

(Claire P)